Building better understanding between Israelis and Palestinians through health


An epidemic of diabetes in the Palestinian Territories is leading to major renal failure and hospital-based dialysis.

Responding to this critical need, our three-year project is training Palestinian health professionals for peritoneal dialysis in the West Bank.

The project is being undertaken by Professor Adi Leiba through an agreement with Assuta Hospital in Ashdod. This is working with medical teams from Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem under Dr Nidal Saifi, Head of Nephrology.

The training program has established a unique friendship between Palestinian and Israeli nephrologists who have jointly attended conferences and visited each other’s hospitals. This benefits professional and personal relationships.

Peritoneal dialysis can be administered at home and is suitable for patients with early stages of renal failure. This relieves pressure on existing hospital dialysis infrastructure. It improves quality of life, avoids multiple hospital visits and enables travel abroad.

This can liberate a patient. No more having to spend three days a week in hospital.

Prof Adi Leiba and trainee doctors

Assuta Hospital doctors and staff with a Project Rozana delegation